Buy Here Pay Here Birmingham AL 5 Must Dos When Selling a Car on Craigslist

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If you are new to selling a used car on Craigslist, you may be unsure how to proceed. Stop right now. Whatever you do, don’t mosey on over to Craigslist and post “I have a red truck for sale.” This will get you nowhere and it does nothing but waste your time and the time of everyone who reads your ad.

So what should you do when selling a car on Craigslist?

1 – Take a Picture

Even if your Craigslist location page is for a relatively small size city, there are still likely hundreds of other used cars listed for sale. Guess what? Most of them have pictures and yours should too. Craigslist buyers aren’t necessarily lazy, but why should they spend five minutes emailing you to ask for pictures when it would have taken you that long to upload a picture?

2 – Use the Kelley Blue Book

Don’t just pull a figure out of midair or base your selling price around how much money you want to make. This will get you nowhere, especially if you are living in dreamland. It is best to use the Kelley Blue Book’s online version. It is free and will take you less than 5 minutes to get an estimated value for your car. Base your selling price around this.

3 – Be Realistic

As previously stated, use the Kelley Blue Book to get an estimated value from your car. Pulling a figure out of nowhere and trying to justify it by using phrases like “car runs like new,” “this is a great deal,” and so forth won’t change the fact you are asking too much. Craigslist used car sellers aren’t the only ones who know how to use the Kelley Blue Book; buyer know too. Pop that bubble you are living in or come back down to reality.

4 – Don’t Use Stupid Phrases

Many buyers on Craigslist aren’t avid internet users. Many of them just heard through the grapevine that Craigslist was a great place to buy a cheap used vehicle. These potential buyers are not familiar with internet lingo. You know, LN and OBO means like new and or best offer respectively, but not everyone else does. It takes a total of one second to actually type out the words, so do it. Also, avoid common clichés, like “still runs,” “runs like a dream,” “great car to get from Point A to Point B,” and so forth.

5 – Don’t Keyword Stuff

When selling on Craigslist, you choose keywords for your articles. These help your for sale car listing appear in searches that interested buyers perform. You are selling a Ford truck, so state so. Use the make, model, and year as your keywords, but don’t overstuff your ad with irrelevant keywords, like car, van, SUV, and so forth. This does nothing but tick off the internet users who now have more junk to weed through.


Source by Adnan Masood

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